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Schaaf extruders establish / take a special position in many areas of food extrusion technology.

Our intensive efforts to constantly expand the process engineering possibilities of extrusion, to make the machines even simpler and more reliable in handling and operation, with the unwavering aim of achieving the lowest possible operating costs, are the reasons why Schaaf TURBO Extruders cannot be classified in common technical or technological comparisons between single and twin screw extrusion systems.

Extruder 6400 – the smart entry

Extruder 6400

After the introduction of the TURBO and its massive increase in production capacity in the frequently used Schaaf 9250 series extruders, there was a need for a new "entry-level" extruder with a smaller capacity range.

As the extruders in this series operate according to the same basic extrusion principles as the larger models, they are an excellent option for those operators wishing to enter the market with a small investment volume. Like all Schaaf extruders, these machines offer a wide range of usable raw materials and product manufacturing options. This also makes it possible to test new product concepts on a small production scale.

Nominal capacity raw extrudat: 100 – 150 kg/h *

Extruder 9250 – the Original

The extruders of the 9250 series are the direct successors of the original extruder, which has been built by Schaaf for over 45 years!

Meanwhile countless changes and further developments have been incorporated into this series, but without giving up the typical features: the robust design, the simple operation and maintenance, as well as the highest product quality and reliability.

This extruder series offers a mature combination of capacity, product flexibility and performance. These are just some of the reasons why Schaaf uses this extruder type for product development tasks in its own pilot plant.

A carefully selected mix of raw materials ensures a balanced ratio of service life to wear part costs for this extruder as well as for the other extruder series – the basis for the fact that machines are still operating economically even 35 years after commissioning.

Nominal capacity raw extrudat: 200 – 300 kg/h *

Extruder 1200 – our "workhorse"

The 1200 series extruders currently have the largest capacity of all Schaaf extruders. They are primarily aimed at manufacturers who already manufacture extruded products but wish to expand their production capacities. For example, to increase the overall efficiency of their production processes or to be better equipped for a specific product.

Like all other Schaaf extruders, the 1200 series are made entirely of stainless steel and are equipped with process components made of specially alloyed steels and particularly sturdily designed, pressure-lubricated bearing systems. Schaaf also pays great attention to operating requirements during machine design and pays attention to even the smallest details during production. Each extruder to be delivered must prove its quality in separate test runs before delivery.

Nominal capacity raw extrudat: 350 – 500 kg/h *

Diesystem / Shaping tools

Food extrusion is often described more as art than science. Nowhere is this art more visible than in the design of dies for direct expanded products. A good die system is not recognizable by the fact that it only roughly produces the desired shape, but that the end product has a wealth of detail that makes it immediately recognizable.

To create an effective die design, every aspect of the material flow, from the inlet to the hopper to the die opening, must be known. As it exits the orifice, the product expands and takes on its final shape in an incredibly short time.

Our die systems can be used to manufacture a wide range of products in a wide variety of categories and the number of systems available is growing from year to year.

Simple die systems include those used to make flips, balls, rings and wheel or grid shapes. In addition, we have developed a wide range of animal figures – some as 3D shapes - as well as more complex die systems for the production of extruded products, such as filled tubes, flat breads, spiral strands etc.

* The performance data are based on undried raw extrudate. Shape, formulation and other product-specific properties determine the achievable output quantity for a defined product.