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Schaaf Technologie GmbH was founded in 1974 by Mr. Heinz Schaaf and started from humble beginnigs. Over the past 45 years, the company has gone through various stages of growth and change to emerge as a reliable single source of machines and technology for the food-extrusion industry.

Schaaf Technologie GmbH is an examplary family-owned company; the Schaaf family members own the company and are actively involved in its day-to-day business. Their consistent, hands-on management style guarantees the continued development of the company, its products and services.

The company has a small but dedicated team of employees, many of whom have been with Schaaf for over 15 years. Each and every employee of the Schaaf company continually strives to ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction with regards to the products and services offered.


Company founder

Heinz Schaaf

Heinz Schaaf (1927-1999)

Elizabeth Schaaf

Elizabeth Schaaf


Heinz-Josef Schaaf


Annette Schaaf

Dispatch department

Wilfried Schaaf

Wilfried Schaaf (1960-2022)

Patricia Schaaf

Finance, controlling

Kai Schaaf

CEO, Sales and distribution

Manuel Schaaf

Construction and IT


Schaaf Mitarbeiter

Schaaf Technologie GmbH prides inself in having a small but extremely dedicated workforce. Close coordination between the design, purchase, production and sales departments ensures that the customer receives the right equipment of the highest quality and design that meets their product requirements.

Dieter Hartmann

Head of automation department

Andreas Rupp

Head of the product development centre

Mathias Michel

Service technician

Karsten Hochreuther

Construction and production engineering

Raman Dewan

Raman Dewan

Head of Marketing for the Asian region

Manuel Rosenbaum

Order management

Ron Hanke

Production manager

Jonathan Stahl

Assistant production manager & Trainer

Sebastian Hohlwein

Service technician & trainer

Luca Fahrner


Markus Oster

Order processing

Andreas Friedrich

Production engineering

Tobias Reifert


Milestones in the history of the company

2009 Introduction of thin wall technology

2008 Introduction of 3D spirals

2007 Introduction of newly developed directly extruded shoestring potato sticks

2004 Launch of “Bread-Chip” type products with open porous surfaces

2003 Introduction of innovative product textures through oil and / or water injection in processing section Introduction of dual coloured products using colour injection technology

2002 Showcase of Schaaf products and technology for the first time at INTERPACK exhibition

2001 First time use of special embossing technology for co-extruded, filled products

1996 Introduction of optimised, economical and energy efficient compact plants for production of snacks and cereals

1995 Introduction of 3D shapes with colour jet printing

1994 Introduction of TURBO Technology

1989 Introduction of PTFE-coating in the drying drum for production of cereals

1988 Continuous dosing systems for numerous components, production of dry baby-foods, which are directly comparable in quality to products manufactured by roller driers

1987 New Shapes - Crocodile, Camel and Rhino!

1986 First 3D products using patented cutting process

1985 First computer controlled extruder with automatic start-up program, data compilation and torque

1984 First co-extruded products with chocolate and meat-paste fillings

1983 Production of breakfast cereals with water based sugar slurries. First computer controlled weighing and mixing unit

1982 All parts coming in contact with the product are manufactured strictly from stainless steel

1981 Extruded instant-rice for dry baby foods

1980 Flat-bread production on short screw extruder

1979 The first sugar coating process is demonstrated, production of instant-polenta on a cooker / former extruder Introduction of the infrared drying technology. Consequent introduction of electronically variable DC drives in the dosing, drying and flavouring units

1978 The first short screw extruder, which could process up to 90% potato flakes

1977 The first “3rd generation snacks” pellets-extruder with an integrated cooking / forming zone

1976 All extruder-drives are consequently changed to variable DC drives

1975 The first wear optimised, sintered, bimetallic extruder sleeve