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Coextruded products

The products intended for direct consumption have a crispy shell in the form of a pillow (= extruded "tube" with sealed ends) and a filling of a creamy mass in the centre. Chocolate, vanilla or other sweet fat-based filling cream and fruit fillings with a low AW value can be used. The embossing technique can be used to produce rectangular pillows as well as innovative shapes such as triangles, hearts, mini sticks and many other geometric shapes.

In addition to direct consumption, co-extrudates are also suitable as an additional component for muesli mixtures.

Basic equipment

This equipment can be used to manufacture the products listed below.

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Coextruded products thinwall sweet

Thin-wall technology is a process developed by Schaaf in cooking extrusion to achieve biscuit-like, splintery textures with very thin product wall thicknesses.

Using a special filling station, filling cream is injected into two to six extruded tubes. During this process the wall thicknesses of the extrudate tubes are stretched. A pulling- and calibrating belt forms flat strands from the tubes, which after a defined residence time on the belt are processed by an embossing machine into rectangular, triangular, arrow-shaped or other product shapes.

The coextrudates are then ventilated on belts to reduce the moisture and thus develop their crispness.

Machines necessary

In addition to the basic equipment, the following machines are required:

  • Hot air injection
  • Calibration belts
  • Cooling belt solution

Coextruded products spirals

By combining spiral cutting technology with existing extrusion technologies, Schaaf has been able to further expand its product range. This means that "spiral tubes" can now be produced which can be filled with delicious creams made from peanuts, for example.

Alternatively, spiral-shaped thin-walled extrudates can be produced, which differ from conventional directly extruded standard products in terms of their crisp, crunchy texture. Based on the shape, very dense textures with acceptable bulk densities and bag volumes can be achieved.

Machines necessary

In addition to the basic equipment, the following machines are required:

  • Suitable die system

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