Machines / Systems

What it takes to make a wide variety of high quality extruded products

We have always believed, that products and their use should be the determining factor when designing and manufacturing new machines".

The engineering and designing department at Schaaf strives continally to design new and improved food extruders and other food-extrusion related machines to meet the ever-changing processing requirements of new categories of products developed at the R&D centre.

It is hence not a surprise that our customers are often impressed by the outstanding functionality of our machines.

Our comprehensive range of machinery includes mixers and mositurisers for pre-extrusion, various food extruder models and their different attachments as well as equipment for post-extrusion processes such as drying and flavouring.
The machines and tools for drying, roasting, toasting, flavoring, coating, dragee coating, cooling and granulating are fine-tuned for the extrusion process.

Our food extrusion technology is know worldwide for its effective combination of reliability and robustness with simple operation and minimal maintenance and cleaning requirements. The use of corrosion resistant materials ensures high hygiene standards and long lifespan whilst the cost of spare parts and other services are kept to a minimum through the use of cutting-edge materials for critical parts.

We divide our processing into three main sections as follows -

Pre-extrusion - Extrusion - Post-extrusion

The low energy consumption in our plants is in accordance with present day standards. No compromises are made when selecting raw-materials for the manufacture of machines. Even in the manufacturing stage, we ensure that all processes are contamination-proof in line with the latest food-hygiene standards. In fact, Schaaf plants set today's standards!

Schaaf machines and plants are manufactured and fully assembled in the factory, subjected to test runs and rigorous internal quality control checks before they are disassembled for transportation.