Extruders - 640 series

The small wonder from Schaaf family of extruders

After the introduction of the TURBO and the major capacity increase achieved because of it in the most prevalent series of extruders (925 series) offered by Schaaf, a need was felt to have a new entry level extruder from Schaaf with a lower capacity range. The 640 series of extruders were a result of efforts to address this need.

In the last few years since its introduction, the 640 series of extruders have become very popular as entry level machines for new projects. Especially in the Asian markets, the 640 series of machines have received high demand and success in equal measure.

Following the same basic principles of extrusion as the other series of higher capacity machines, the extruders of this series provide an excellent option for users who wish to make an entry into the extruded foods market with minimal investment. These machines also offer a reasonabley wide variety of raw-material and product options, which is the hallmark of all Schaaf extruders. As a result they are also an excellent option to test out new product concepts on a limited scale of operation.
extruder 640

Available Extruder Models :

Model Main drive power Main drive motor/drive Control type Nominal Capacity *
35-C-640-BL 35 kW Brushless Integrated control and power panel 175 kg/h
30-C-640-DC 35 kW DC Integrated control and power panel 150 kg/h

* Actual Capacity is 65%-90% of Nominal Capacity depending on various factors.