Die-Systems - Special

From 3D animal shapes...to...co-extruded pillows

When it comes to sophisticated extruded shapes, Schaaf is in a league of its own. We not only boast a diverse collection of die systems for our extruders for manufacturing a wide variety of shapes, we also have some of the most unique shapes offered by any manufacturer in the field of direct expanded products.

We also endeavour to develop special shapes for our customers under contracted terms and conditions.

Schaaf's 3D animal shapes use die systems developed using a unique combination of experience, technology and cutting systems which have been patented by Schaaf.

Many of our unique products use processes and techniques that have been developed by Schaaf following extensive research and development. It is unsurprising, then, that the quality of the products made using Schaaf systems are easily distinguishable from low-quality copies made using simple extrusion systems.

To find out more about our range of product shapes, send us an email or contact us using our feedback form.